NETICS is always on the lookout for additives that can be used to stabilise granular materials and sediments. As part of our continued drive for sustainability, we focus on bio based materials. In Asia we have discovered , a by-product from the agricultural sector, which is biodegradable and safe for people and animals. Used as a powder,  becomes an excellent natural binder of which only small quantities (0.6% of total weight) have to be added to stabilise various granular materials.

NETICS has conducted tests with sand, soil, sludge, fine grit, saw dust and fine (waste) glass. Using , we are able to quickly construct roads or pathways- using recycled glass! Combined with saw dust, this powder makes for a long-lasting fuel, well suited to use in fireplaces or on barbecues. The powder can also be used to protect Gravi’dor pathways from rain. In short, this truly “magic” powder can be used in a wide range of civil engineering applications, and NETICS is looking for projects which could benefit from it.