Coastal security and beach development are part of our core activities. NETICS maps ongoing coastal processes through morphologic and sedimental research, revealing why beaches erode or slit up. Understanding and mapping these coastal processes is fundamental to improving beach security and stability. Beach replenishments or dams are not always needed. Often, it is better to let nature run its course through ecologic solutions.

NETICS is currently researching innovative techniques to use in slitting up beaches. Initial results from several (inter)national projects have been promising. Our system makes use of vertical drainage tubes placed under the sand surface. These passive drainage tubes are not connected to pumps of any kind: this ecologic drainage system lets nature do the work. It counteracts beach erosion and delays or preempts the need for expensive beach replenishments.

As we test this system in several (inter)national projects, we continue to study its operation and effects. Understanding the beach and developing innovative techniques for sustainable development of beaches, will result in a safe and attractive beach for everyone.