Over 60% of the global population live in delta areas. Safety has become a prime concern due to climate change, rising sea levels, worldwide population growth and increasingly urbanised delta areas. There is an increased demand for smart solutions worldwide. NETICS can provide these solutions. We have spotted great opportunities for innovation, constructing weirs from waste materials, such as sludge, of which there is currently a surplus. Re-using waste materials can reduce transportation and depositing costs, and removes the need for excavation, acquisition and transportation of raw materials. NETICS has acquired over 10 years of experience in using sludge to create sustainable civil engineering constructions. Previous projects using this technology include dike reinforcements, environmentally friendly river banks, harbour constructions, breakwaters and driving banks.

The construction process consists of several phases. First, we compile and analyse location data and additional requirements, which feed into the design phase. We use comprehensive and unique models to calculate the construction in its entirety. We then calculate the stability and geometry of the construction. At present, several detailed solutions have been developed, offering a wide range of applications for sludge as a building material. This includes the use of construction tubes made of geotextile, filled with sludge. One of our international projects using this technology can be found in England, where we have built floating riverbanks which provide a stable bank construction as well as room for nature to develop.